Welcome To The Amazing, Fulfilling, Loving, And Pleasurable Life Experience Of Being A Woman!

Being a woman in a hiddenly or not patriarchal society is a difficult condition. We learn from an early age so many things that being a woman should mean, that it is a struggle to be ourselves, and be able to respect and support us to become the woman we really want!

I have been there and I did my process to become an empowered woman! 

I want to share with you my wisdom, help you heal & support yourself!

I love a society where women we are CONFIDENT, STRONG & WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT!


Though our societies make it hard for us to be a woman, let me empower you with this program for good so you can enjoy at maximum the fact that you are a WOMAN.

The stereotypes that society tells us about us are unrealistic, unhelpful, shaming, guilt-raising, self-sabotaging & in one word lies about us. 

In this program, I will empower & support you to be the woman you really want so you will start your happy and fulfilled life, with awareness, acceptance, and self-support. 

These stereotypes block us from access to our biology, our needs, our desires, and to act freely in favour of ourselves in every moment of our life. 

Let’s get rid of these stereotypes & become who we really are!

Our bodies, our boundaries, needs & desires demand respect! I will teach you how to start to realize them & respect them yourself & teach others how to do the same! 

You deserve & you will get RESPECT & EMPOWERMENT as you are! 

We will fix the direct & indirect hurtful messages we received for our bodies, our gender, our genitals, our dressing code, our way of expression, the way we speak, the way we relate, our sexuality…our lives in general! 

We Want To Be Free To Be Ourselves As We Are Here & Now!

My Self Value

Maira Kountanni
Maira Kountanni

In this program, I will lead you to

  • Reclaim Your Power As A Person
  • Become Self-Aware & Confident
  • Know & Accept Your Body As A Source Of Energy & Joy
  • Live Your Life Based On Your Needs & Desires
  • Connect With Your Body’s Ability Of Pleasure
  • Clarify & Respect Your Boundaries
  • Learn How To Build Your Self-Support & Respect

Who is it for?

WOMEN OF every age, shape, cultural background that need the support, power & wisdom to stand for themselves for who they are where they are!


This is the right programme for you if

  • you are ready to know & accept yourself as you are
  • you want to strengthen your boundaries
  • you need to empower yourself as a woman
  • you want to learn self-healing & supporting practices
  • you enlarge your awareness on your sexuality & pleasure abilities

Our Gestalt Tools:


  • Awareness In Here&Now
  • Embodied Presence
  • Active Listening
  • Self-Exploration & Sharing
  • Talking In Circle
  • No-Judgment
  • No Interpretation
  • Dialogue With Oneself And Others
  • Acceptance Of What Is
  • Art Therapy

What do you gain:


  • Embodied Presence In Your Female Body
  • Being Empowered From Connection And Collaboration
  • The Power To Be Fully Yourself
  • Effective Ways To Express And Explore Yourself
  • The Right To Be The Woman You Want
  • Balance Female And Male Energy Inside You
  • Practical Knowledge To Apply To Your Body
  • Transform Your Shame And Guilt Into Power

Life is so exciting when you are connected with your vital energy every day!

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Course Programme

The programme goes over five meetings.

1: I am a woman

  • What does it mean to be a woman to me
  • What supports me on that
  • How does it feel to me to be a woman in patriarchy
  • How do I need to be supported & where can I find support


2: My body is my body

  • How do I relate with my body
  • What is my body to me
  • Do I accept or judge my body?
  • Body self-care


3: My sexuality; history & presence

  • Boundaries, self-respect, self-value in here & now
  • How to I broaden my boundaries & self-value
  • Free movement


4: My body as a source of happiness & pleasure

  • My body is my choice
  • Liberating biology-basic knowledge
  • How do I access my body from sensuality, sexuality & pleasure


5: Psycho-emotional empowerment & balance

  • How do I empower myself & other women under patriarchy
  • What do I need to feel stronger in here & now

  • Balance female & male energy inside me: healing patriarchy from inside


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