Reclaim Your Life, Purpose, Energy And Values, Here And Now!



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Reclaim Your Life, Purpose, Energy And Values, Here And Now!

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If you are tired of the way things are and you feel ready & willing to reclaim the life you want, you have come to the right place!

Have you lost your direction?

Are you searching for your life purpose?

Are you insecure about your choices and position in life? 

Are you having problems fitting into the mainstream social norms? 

Do you feel you don’t know who you are?

Well, let me tell you: it’s not your fault!

We affect each other in our everyday interactions – so let’s do it with respect & support!

My unique & holistic approach will help you to heal your wounds, discover your true self, & learn how to support yourself in your everyday life, so you can live the life you love starting today!

I am here to support you on your self-discovery path

Believe In Yourself

Trust & Hear Yourself

Be Your True Self & Enjoy Life

Maira Kountanni

Hi, I’m Maira

Social Psychotherapist, Awareness Practitioner & Critical Sexologist.


In my unique therapeutic approach, I combine embodied Gestalt Therapy, Art Therapy, Awareness Practice, Yoga & Zen Philosophy, Movement, Shamanic Spirituality and Activism.

I am here to guide and empower you on your path of self-discovery and self-healing, with playfulness & creativity

Being true to yourself is the best choice you can make in life.

 Free your True Self here & now

The great news is that this inner healing & discovery process can be fun! Let’s celebrate this unique gift of being alive starting right now!


It feels so good deep in our true selves to heal ourselves & our world at the same time! It is my secret to an amazing day &  peaceful sleep!

Clients Testimonials

Maira’s therapy sessions have had a powerful effect on me right from the start. Gestalt techniques and her compassionate attitude opened up a new world for me! What I like the most about our sessions is that they focus on the present and the power we have to change things by cultivating awareness. Therapy can be a long, strenuous process, so I am grateful I’ve found a dedicated and well-rounded therapist to guide me through it. Thank you, Maira!
Nasia Vlachou

“Maira leads private & group sessions so gently that will take you through the process of examination and experience of your believes, values, and behaviour. I want to highlight that during the group sessions there was a time and space for everyone in the group to express and experience the topic of the workshop. Plus her unique self-healing practise has really helped me a lot in my everyday life! It really works as she says! I would warmly recommend her!”

Franka Jane

“I love Maira’s energy and her special techniques, by how she is engaging the student toward opening the mind and heart.

It was new and fresh for me and very “eye-opening”, as I was learning a new technique to open-up my awareness and develop my conscientiousness.

She utilizes multimodality techniques in helping guide you to arrive to find the answers you intuitively are seeking. I found this difficult at first, Maira was a very patient teacher, yet she helped me to work hard in her class, and this helped me arrive at answers that were buried deep within my psyche.

I highly recommend Maira!”

Janice Johnson

“Very interesting and powerful combination of personal and social transformation, psychologically, and tangibly. Thank you!”


“Maira’s Gestalt therapeutic practice is special than any other similar therapist; she keeps her focus to the human in front of her and connects with her or him following & guiding the person in deep & smooth transformation. She is fully present in the process, not just ‘doing her job’. Also, it is so obvious that she practices in her everyday life what she is teaching & recommended during her private & group sessions. I was amazed from her unique session on ‘Healing ourselves from patriarchy’. “

Grigoria Vasileiou

“Maira is an excellent space holder, a skilled communicator who applies her knowledge in a balanced facilitated therapeutic space.”

Paul Tzervadakis

Start Right Here and Now: Create the life you want! 

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