My unique & holistic approach will give you the support you need to heal your wounds, discover your true self, & learn how to support yourself in your everyday life, so you can create the new lifestyle you want for good!

The results last forever since not only I will support you in your inner journey, plus I will teach you how to balance & heal yourself as an everyday practice!

Also, the life-lasting results come from my unique approach to combine the body & mind based awareness- the inner process with the awareness of everything that surrounds us; our relationships & our society. As humans, we need others to remain alive since we are born, find our value, and connect with our true selves. We don’t exist without the others & we interact with them all life long. So, the way we are as persons is connected with how we relate with others. It is a direct result of how others welcomed us in this world & the environment we grew up in. 

Even if we did our best to adapt to our environment, most of us grew up in uncomfortable/unsuitable conditions, and if you made it till here today well done and welcome to my unique practice! I am so happy the time came to meet each other!  We can’t really understand what happens in ourselves and our personal relationships, without a clear perspective in the world we live in. The lack of access to your unique value and true self are not individually created problems, but collective. We all suffer living in an upside-down world not promoting a supportive ground for every human, and we keep postponing acting on this, considering it will not help our problems. I am here to tell you some news; realizing that most of us suffer in this world is the base & the key to make your personal healing path a permanent life-changing experience! (is this too much blabla?)

We can’t heal & deal with our problems if we don’t find the root of it, and the deeper root of all is growing up in an environment that lacks what we mostly need as humans; love, care, acceptance, respect, and freedom; exactly the one we will create in our sessions to support you.


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